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The pre-roughened design reduces steps and helps cut down prepping time so you can spend time on your creativity and generate more income. With just a few steps you will be able to achieve beautiful consistent looks for your clients.  Dustless process application makes the MU gel tips a perfect choice for gel tip services.


Using Móng Úp pre-roughened soft gel tips offers several benefits:

  1. Saves Time: The pre-roughened surface means less prep work for you, speeding up the application process.
  2. Better Adhesion: The textured surface ensures a stronger bond with our special u-gel, reducing the risk of lifting or chipping.
  3. Durable and Long-lasting: Our soft gel tips are designed to be robust, providing a long-lasting, salon-quality manicure.
  4. Versatile: Ideal for various nail art styles and techniques.
  5. Easy Rebalancing: Mong Up U-Gel: builder gel makes it easy to rebalance and backfill nails, ensuring your clients’ nails always look their best.


  • Pre-roughened
  • Coarse Grit Tips
  • Shape: Square
  • Length Long
  • Type: Clear natural
  • Count: 550



  • Full Nail Coverage
  • 10 different sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Save time
  • Dustless
  • No-Mess
  • No-harmful odors
  • Consistent looks
  • Perfect every time
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Re-Balance
  • Easy soak-off

Save time and get creative with your nail art using our Móng Úp tips!


Instruction for MU Gel Extension

  1. Begin with prepping the nails with a file, then buff the nails slightly.
    Next, size the nail by selecting a MU tip that fits the nail sidewall to the sidewall.
    Cleanse the nails with alcohol, then apply the MU Acid-Free Primer.
  2. Place the finger on the Crystal Stand for support and balance.
    Measure and apply a bead of the U-Gel to the Pre-Roughened area of the Mong Up tip to cover the entire nail plate.
  3. Starting at the cuticle area, place the Mong Up tip at a 45-degree angle and gently press the tip down slightly towards the free edge to smooth out the U-Gel. 
    Flash cure for 10-15 seconds with a flash cure LED light while holding down the Mong Up tip. After applying the tips on all 5 fingers, fully cure the whole hand inside the LED lamp for 1 minute.
  4. Once both hands are fully cured, shape the nails with a 150-grit hand file. Refine the cuticle area if necessary.
  5. Apply gel color if desired. Fully cure each coat of gel color.
  6. Shield with the U-Shine gel top coat to protect the color and create long lasting shine. Fully cure for 1 minute.


How to apply gel tips extensions:



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