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FlexCure LED UV Light

FlexCure II by Mong Up Nail System: Product Features

Versatile LED UV Light
The FlexCure II is perfect for flash curing gel nails, intricate nail art, and securing rhinestones, providing salon-quality results anywhere.

Dual Functionality
Designed for both desk use and handheld convenience, the FlexCure II adapts to your needs, making it easy to achieve flawless nails anytime, anywhere.

USB-C Rechargeable
Equipped with a built-in lithium battery, the FlexCure II is USB-C rechargeable, ensuring you’re saving from buying batteries.

Durable Design
The acetone-resistant exterior helps to remove nail polish easily, making the FlexCure II a reliable addition to your nail care routine.

Smart Features
A 60-second timer and auto shut-off after 30 minutes feature help conserve battery life, providing efficient and effective performance with every use.

Portable and Convenient
Compact and lightweight, the FlexCure II is perfect for on-the-go nail care, allowing you to maintain perfect nails wherever you are.

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